On this page I will make comments about books I’ve read, add links to blogs, and generally direct you to other indie authors doing what I’m doing – writing about the past, and loving it.

I have a massive TBR To Be Read pile, and I will work my way through it eventually, but not in any order so what appears on this page could change at random. Be my guest – pick and choose, comment on what you like, or recommend a book I might enjoy.

This page is about others, but, since this page is new, anything could happen… and in any order. I might write about a brand new release, or an older one book I loved. I am good at re-reading books I enjoy.


5 May 2017:

Val McBeath has released her first novel based on family research. Now, doesn’t that sound familiar? It’s how I started too, so naturally, I’m intrigued. HOOKS & EYES is the first in her five-book series. Read her story about why she wrote the book.  I haven’t finished reading it yet, so watch this space for my review.

Another historical fiction New Zealand author I discovered quite recently is Kirsten McKenzie. Fifteen Postcards is the first in the series about Sarah Lester. The Last Letter is the sequel. We’ll have to wait to find out what happens next. The stories are a fast paced read with lots of characters, lots of settings, and lots of intrigue and adventure. With wonderful historic settings and descriptions the stories move between modern times, colonial India, pioneering New Zealand and Victorian England as she disappears, reappears and disappears again. The stories will appeal to both historical fiction and time travel fans.

I also love the work of another New Zealand historical fiction author – Jean Louise Allen who writes gently flowing stories about life on the river, and about the dark and troubled times the people suffered through with stoicism and wit. She has a selection of short stories too.