Do you care about historical credibility?

I was at dinner the other night, and the only one not working in the same field as the other nine at the table. The reason for the dinner was because one of them was retiring. He was looking forward to writing some children’s stories, and knowing I was a writer, was keen to know what I did on an …

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Six Degrees of Happiness

 It’s winter. What more can I say? It’s cold outside, and wet, and windy: sometimes all three on the same day. Yesterday was the shortest day in New Zealand, and time to prune my roses. While the days will get marginally longer, summer still feels a long, long way away. I’m a summer person. I love the sunshine and its …

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You too, can do it

It is ten years since I started to put pen to paper, so to speak, with the intention of writing a book. I was at university completing my Masters degree when a tutor suggested I publish the mini-dissertation I’d written on culture. Until that moment, I’d never really thought about the possibility of becoming a writer. I knew I had …

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Are keyboards making the pen obsolete? 

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve talked about ‘unused’ words. I described them as new words – but, of course, they aren’t new. What I meant was, they were new to me. Then we got onto the subject of spelling all these unusual words. All of which got me thinking. If text-spelling has become a ‘norm’ with the younger …

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New, unused, different: mastering the art of language

Following up on my blog last week about some frabjous new words I’d discovered, Grammarly has come up with a list of words from spelling bees. Try these for size! Tchotchke – noun (\ˈchäch-kə, ˈtsäts-\) A knickknack; trinket, or Triskaidekaphobia, noun (\ˌtris-ˌkī-ˌde-kə-ˈfō-bē-ə\) Fear of the number thirteen. I’m glad it wasn’t me trying to spell those – and I thought I …

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