Kindle Unlimited – good or bad?

Last Friday Amazon launched it’s Kindle Unlimited reader programme. It’s complex to get your head around and while readers seem taken with the idea, authors – and especially self-published authors – are far more hesitant. If you want to know more about how it works, and whether you should get involved, read some of the blogs. Here’s a link to …

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Writers will save the world – if only people will read their books

I read this post in the Elite Daily: The voice of Generation-Y –  Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With. Since I belong to the dying breed, according to the article, because I read, I leave voicemail messages and I write cards, then I’m hoping that what I write might have some impact along the …

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A few of my favourite things

If, like me, you are old enough to remember the song from ‘The Sound of Music,’ then you will know the overriding tenor of the song was optimism and gratitude. Right now the sun is streaming in through my windows and the garden looks fresh so I’m in a happy space. In Auckland, we’ve been blessed with a wonderful autumn …

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Daniel’s Historic Foxton

A reader recently commented she was sufficiently intrigued by the story of Daniel to consider stopping in Foxton next time instead of zooming past on the main highway, and have a look at the small town and maybe even say ‘hi’ to Daniel. I am as excited by her desire to find out more about Foxton as I was to receive …

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Beware of self-publishing scams

I read this blog by David Gaughran – The Case Against Author Solutions, Part 1: The Numbers – with growing horror. David’s blog is the first part of a two part investigation into the spamming activities of Author Solutions and it’s an eye-opener – and almost unbelievable. Read on through the comments too. It has been reblogged to all sorts of places …

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