Words, words glorious words

So another week has passed and have I written 5000 words? Heck, no! More like 500 (well maybe a few more). My blog last week suggested I needed more consistency and a target of 1000 words per day – so five days should produce 5000 words shouldn’t it? (I won’t pretend that I can get any writing done at the …

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More words

It’s an exciting time to be an author. The increase in indie publishing and e-books is phenomenal and we all want to be part of it, to be in the forefront with our books. The ‘experts’ suggest that the more books we write the better known we are, and therefore the better known we are the more books we need …

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Words and their meanings

All words have meaning. All words say something and, depending on who is ‘speaking’ – either in written language or oral language, the meaning can change with the tone, the addition of other words and the interpretation of the recipient. Despite the fact that I have been writing for many years, I still have much to learn about writing. I …

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Famous everywhere except New Zealand

In this morning’s NZ Herald I found an article written for the Fiction Addiction column on how many New Zealand authors there are who are world famous but are barely known in New Zealand. I am very pleased to hear of their success but I found it sad reading.  They all considered it necessary to completely by-pass the New Zealand …

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Having fun selling books

This morning, at our fortnightly meeting, the Mairangi Writers talked enthusiastically about holding a book festival later in the year. So many of the group have new books titles available we thought having an event where we can offer our books to the general public as well as friends and family would be a good strategy. I have to say …

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