Writers: use Pinterest to boost ideas

2006BC9068_jpg_ds“Do you Pinterest?” I was asked recently.  Yes I did – a little. “A little!” she exclaimed, grabbing her phone and opening up her Pinterest page. “You need to do more than a little.”

It was my turn to exclaim when she showed me the tens of boards she’d made and the hundreds, if not thousands, of images she had collated. I have eight boards each with a few images relating to my books, most of which I added after my stories had been published.

Roses are a major theme in The Art of Secrets and I did have a lot of fun looking for images of roses that appealed to me and suited my characters. Art, particularly that of Wilfred de Glehn and Girolami Nerli, was a feature of The Cornish Knot, and I recently started looking for Irish lace to fit with my current work-in-progress.

My friend pins for the fun of it, to collect pictures that she finds appealing or amusing. What I remembered, at that moment, is that many authors use Pinterest as inspiration by pinning images of people that fit the characters in a story. They sit there, where they can be seen, waiting for someone to develop their character and make them interesting, and possibly real to someone. It gave me food for thought.

Pinning pictures of ships our ancestors travelled on, clothes they wore, cottages they lived in and the scenery they looked at every day helps with writing descriptions, and adds authenticity to the time. It is no different to us pinning contemporary images of houses, fashions, jewellery or weddings either because the composition appeals to us or because we are looking for ideas to put into practice. It’s all about finding inspiration wherever possible.

So I’m going on a Pinterest feast shortly to add lots more photos to my boards. I may even create lots of new boards with images that inspire me in some way, even if I can’t see what I want them for just yet. I’ll choose the beautiful, the colourful, the handsome: the rugged youth, the pretty girl, the work-weary old man, the woman whose life is etched on her face – all will feature on my pages. If ever I find myself in Procrastination Street again, I will know where to look.

Do you Pinterest? If so, why? And if not, will you join me?




  1. Zee

    I Pinterest… a little 🙂

    Going to hop over now and find you!

  2. Bev Robitai
    Bev Robitai03-30-2015

    My Pinterest boards currently have cobwebs on but I do love the concept of collecting images that move me. I used to do that with magazine pictures and still treasure many of those tattered remnants. Right, to Pinterest to add to my neglected collection…right after I get the rest of the real work done!

    • Vicky

      Fortunately, Pinterest doesn’t mind if you haven’t visited in a while. Your favourite images are always there to greet you when you get around to opening up your collection. Makes me feel good and I always add more when I’m there.

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