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Awards and accolades for two novels

Some days, all the hours spent alone, hunched over the computer struggling with words becomes worth it. In the last week, I have become a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree, thanks to the wonderful IndieBRAG group, for my story of Brigid, ‘The Girl from County Clare’.  One of the feedback reports likened my story to the writings of Catherine Cookson – indeed, a great honour. …

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Observations on developing characters

Our three-month sojourn in our caravan around the South Island came to an end and we returned home to our normal life – whatever that is. So far, the new normal doesn’t have the rhythm and routine of the old normal as we adapt to life without a timetable. Nor will we find that rhythm in the next few months …

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The Girl from County Clare – Out Soon

COMING SOON The Girl from County Clare Like making lace – she pieced together a new life from a single thread of hope For all her timidity and meek acceptance of her place in the pecking order of life, she had grit – and freedom – but she was young enough and naive enough to be putty in his hands …

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Almost there!

Deadlines are great drivers for getting things done. But self-imposed deadlines have a habit of wobbling and getting out of kilter. At the beginning of the year, I set myself a deadline for my current WIP but once I got lost in procrastination street and then caught up in a family bereavement for long enough that my deadline kept slipping. …

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Imagine Irish eyes, music, and smiles up against remarkable odds. Who wins?

Anyone remember the songs – ‘Five foot two, Eyes of Blue’ or ‘When Irish Eyes are Smiling’? If you do, then you’ve captured something of the essence of Brigid O’Brien, the main character in my forthcoming book – “The Irish Relative”. Brigid’s a tiny wee thing, dark-haired and blue-eyed, with a knack for nurturing those in need. At 17, she …

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