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The Cornish Knot rings true

It is always pleasing to receive a review on a social media site or a readers’ site, it is even more pleasing when a reader takes the time to find your contact details (mine are always at the end of my books) and write you a personal message. I received one such message a couple of days ago: I have …

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The Cornish Knot and the NZ art scene

I don’t pretend to be an art expert in any way, I just know the styles I like and can name artists that interest me, appeal to my senses, or have made an impact in some other way. I love Monet, Renoir, Constable, but I also love the work of C. F. Goldie as an artist. I know he has …

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Birth of a new (brain)child

I am nervously waiting for the final proofing of my latest book before it goes to print. I’ve asked someone who hasn’t read it before to check it through. I am hoping they won’t find a single thing wrong or out of place, but I won’t hold my breath. One thing I have learnt about editing and proofing is that …

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