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Author of The New Zealand Immigrant Collection, heart-warming, multi-generational family sagas, inspired by true life stories of early immigrants overcoming the odds.

Vicky is an avid genealogist in love with history who explores themes of family, loyalty, home and belonging, and weaves mysteries, both past and present, into family life with love, laughter, and tears.

Journey alongside the immigrants as they cross the oceans for a better life, or follow today’s heirs as they uncover the secrets of bygone days. You won’t be disappointed.

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Her 2020 release, Portrait of a Man, is the soul-searching multi-timeline saga following characters from the The Cornish Knot.

The Costumier’s Gift released in 2019, is the heart-warming dual-timeline story blending characters from Brigid The Girl from County Clare, and Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner to portray life in Auckland in Edwardian times. You can read more about Vicky’s book here.

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