About Vicky

Like the characters in my books, I have a passion for family history and a love of old photos, antiques, and treasures from the past.

After researching the history of the time and place, and realising the hardships many people suffered, I knew I wanted to write their stories. Tales of love and loss, and of triumph over adversity. You couldn’t make up some of the life-stories I’ve uncovered.

My novels could be about your ancestors. While the names will change, the history of the place they came from remains the same. I wanted to write stories that brought the past alive for the reader as much as myself. Do you have a story to tell?

Many of my characters have been fictionalised but their story is no less faithful to the time. I particularly enjoy writing inter-generational sagas, inspired by early immigrant stories to New Zealand, linked by journals, letters, photographs, and heirlooms.

I’m an avid reader of historical novels, family sagas and contemporary women’s stories and love to travel. I especially enjoy caravanning around New Zealand with my husband (who is my biggest fan) and spending time with my family. I have a MA(Hons) in English and Education and several reader awards. 

I’m happy to answer your questions.

I invite you to journey alongside the immigrants as they cross the oceans for a better life, or follow their descendants as they uncover the long lost secrets of bygone days.

Become engrossed in The New Zealand Immigrant Collection, suspenseful family sagas uncovering the mysteries, the lies and the challenges of the past. Or delve into the secrets of the past in The Art of Secrets series Dual-timeline family sagas about finding your roots.

The New Zealand Immigrant series includes:

The Cornish Knot

 Portrait of a Man – the soul-searching conclusion to The Cornish Knot.

Brigid The Girl from County Clare – counterpart to Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner

Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner

The Costumier’s Gift, is the dual-timeline sequel to the family sagas of Brigid The Girl from County Clare and Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner.

The Disenchanted Soldier 

AVAILABLE NOWThe Art of Secrets series dual-timeline stories about searching for your roots.

Book 1 – The Art of Secrets – an uplifting tale of friendship, grief and lies.

Book 2 – Elinor – a dual-timeline journey of discovery.

Book 3 – Lucy – a compelling tale of women who fought for their rights

Children’s Books

Only one. Kazam! Is a children’s illustrated adventure story set in New Zealand and based on real events. It was written for my grandsons, who wanted pictures as well as words.

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