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Dual-timeline family sagas about finding your roots 

The Art of Secrets Book 1

Emma Wade, a young journalist and Charlotte Day, an ageing and reclusive author are thrown together against their will. Can each help the other to heal the wounds of the past and learn to trust again?

Book 1 in The Art of Secrets series. Book 2: Elinor (2022). Book 3: Lucy (2023) READ MORE

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Elinor: Book 2

A distraught friend, a mysterious stalker, and generations of secrets. 

Emma’s job is to find the link, but tracing a family tree suddenly becomes a dangerous occupation. READ MORE


Lucy: Book 3

The Suffragist – a compelling tale of the women who fought for their rights
Emma’s curiosity is piqued by an antique trinket box full of women’s rights badges belonging to a gutsy young climate change campaigner. Can she untangle the mysteries of the box without putting her life at risk? READ MORE



 The Cornish Knot

One woman’s emotional quest to discover her family roots

A grieving widow, a century old journal, a missing portrait, and an engaging art historian: what will the secrets of the past reveal?

Can one woman’s secrets change the life of another a century later?

Prequel to Portrait of a ManRead more
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Portrait of a Man

The soul-searching conclusion to The Cornish Knot

Will the secrets from the past destroy the artist’s legacy? 

Portrait of a Man is a heart-warming journey told through the eyes of three generations. READ MORE

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Brigid The Girl From County Clare

Counterpart to Gwenna the Welsh Confectioner and Prequel to The Costumier’s Gift.

18-year-old Brigid is a lacemaker who flees poverty and starvation in Ireland and journeys to Australia in search of a better life. Brigid’s skill as a lacemaker soon attracts attention, but it is her selfless nature that draws people…. READ MORE

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Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner 

Now a GOLD medal winner in the Book of the Year Awards 2022 for women’s historical fiction.

Counterpart to Brigid The Girl from County Clare and Prequel to The Costumier’s Gift.

Gwenna’s life is about to change. Her father is dead, and the family business on the brink of collapse. Thwarted by society, the plucky sweet maker refuses to accept defeat. READ MORE

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The Costumier’s Gift

An absorbing dual-timeline family saga concluding the sagas of Brigid the Girl from County Clare and Gwenna the Welsh Confectioner

Why does a stranger hold the key to untangling Katie’s family secrets? READ MORE

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The Disenchanted Soldier

The Disenchanted Soldier (retitled from Daniel) follows the life of a New Zealand soldier, pioneer, patriarch and pacifist during New Zealand’s turbulent past. Libby wanted to know more about the man who looked down at her from the photograph on the wall. His story was more than she bargained for. READ MORE

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