Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner

Now a GOLD Medal winner in the Book of the Year Awards 2022

for Women’s Historical fiction

Against overwhelming odds, can she save her legacy?

Gwenna’s life is about to change. Her father is dead, and the family business on the brink of collapse. Thwarted by society, the plucky sweet maker refuses to accept defeat.

She promised her father she would fulfil his dreams and save her legacy. But thanks to her overbearing stepbrother, that legacy is at risk. Gwenna must fight for her rights if she is to keep her vow.

She falls in love with the cheeky and charming Johnno, but just when things are beginning to look up, disaster strikes. Throughout the twists and turns of love and tragedy, Gwenna is irrepressible. She refuses to relinquish her goal and lets nothing and no one stand in her way.

Blind to anything that could distract her, Gwenna overlooks the most important person in her life, putting her dreams, her family, and her chance at happiness in jeopardy.

Counterpart to Brigid the Girl from County Clare and prequel to The Costumier’s Gift.


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Part of The New Zealand Immigrant Collection

Praise for Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner:

Utter brilliance I was captivated from beginning to end. Vicky really brings the characters to life and you can really engage with what it must of been like to be a young girl like Gwenna going into business at the turn of the century in a male dominated society. I was totally engaged with every character each one contributing to make this a truly wonderful story, my only disappointment was when it ended.  5-stars Amazon reviewer

  • 5 Stars: I found Gwenna an interesting, well researched story. I shared bits of it with my friend (a man who, sadly, does not read fiction!) and he was fascinated by the descriptions of early Auckland. He, too, went to Beresford Street School, and lived in the Upper Queen street area (his home was in Servia Street) and that was over 85 years ago. He recognised many of the landmarks mentioned in the book and it almost, but not quite, made him keen
    to read your book! Norma.
  • This is a wonderfully well written, constructed, and edited book. The story moves along at a good pace and the reader is pulled into the world and time in the first chapter.
  • Gwenna is a delightful book. I totally like the strong women characters in this book. Gwenna is a character that is so well developed in the book. You know all the ins and outs of her… her struggles, her triumphs and everything in between.
  • Gwenna’s family fills the book with great people, some good, some not so good… but it also shows how people can change… just like real life. My only complaint about the book is I want more…. a sequel would be much appreciated. I want to know more about Charlie, more about Gwenna and Hugh and more about Gwenna’s family! – IndieBRAG reader

A 5 star award-winning story