The Art Of Secrets

An uplifting tale of friendship, grief and lies

Book 1 of a new dual-timeline series – The Art of Secrets

Book 2, Elinor (2022)

Book 3, Lucy (2023)

Emma wants to forget; Charlotte never can. Together they remember. 

A young journalist and an ageing author have little in common, until their secrets tear them apart.

Emma is an enterprising young journalist with a bright future, but her life and career are falling apart. In a last-ditch attempt to save her position, she accepts the assignment to interview the bestselling author, Charlotte Day.

The ageing Charlotte has a reputation for being cantankerous and is highly secretive about her past, one she considers too painful to relive and too shameful to share. Preferring her roses to people, she grudgingly agrees to meet this girl who gets through her defences, forcing her to confront her past.

As Charlotte and Emma’s relationship deepens, they become enmeshed in a tangle of secrets that changes their lives.


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The alternating first-person point of view of both Charlotte and Emma, allows the reader to see the truth behind what they tell each other, and the secrets they try to hide. A compassionate look at love, loss and renewal.

In Elinor, Book 2 of the series, Emma, the young journalist whole-heartedly throws herself into her role as a ghostwriter of other people’s family histories. She delights in researching family trees, and helping descendants discover their roots and make sense of both past and current dilemmas. Many stories are heartbreaking, but with others, she finds herself at risk more often than she’d like when someone doesn’t want the secrets revealed.

But he who dares not grasp the thorns should never crave the rose – Anne Brontë

The art of great writing! … Vicky Adin keeps a tight rein on her two leading characters so their actions and reactions are credibly grounded in genuine emotions. The alternating viewpoint and change of tone from Emma to Charlotte, from young to old, works, helping the reader see behind the lies and half-truths they tell each other. Their progress from antagonists to friends is seamless, as the layers of the story peel back like petals, exposing the truth at the flower’s heart. Highly recommended.            – Bev Robitai, author of Sunstrike

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New Zealand readers: To request a personally autographed print book, please contact me.
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