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Quick, I’m celebrating and you win the rewards

It’s spring, and the garden is full of promise and hope. Summer is coming, and our caravan is beckoning. What more can you want? If you are like me, you want books. Lots of books. Long weekends, summer sunshine and escapes away all call for books. Get in quick …

The Art of Secrets
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And did you see the new badge Elinor is wearing? That’s the latest B.R.A.G Medallion.

I’ve been jumping up and down with joy since the certificate arrived. It’s such an honour to be chosen by readers to qualify for a BRAG Medallion, so that’s why I’m celebrating and that’s why you get the reward for being loyal readers.

As I sit at my window watching the sun glinting on the water as tide fill the estuary, I am inspired by the women I write about. The women who fought for what they believed in, the ones who kept the family together through the harshest of times, and those who suffered at the hands of men and struggled to cope with losing yet another child.

Another book has been started. It’s very early days with only a few thousand words actually written but the story is there in my head. I know what happens. If you sign up to my newsletter, you’ll hear about it more often.

In The Art of Secrets (Book 1) Emma is a broken-hearted young journalist whose career is on the line until she meets her adversary Charlotte Day, and she finally comes to terms with the painful truth. While Emma wants to forget; Charlotte never can. Together they remember.
Some years later, in her role as family historian, a friend asks Emma to find her ancestor, Elinor (Book 2), a woman who lived through the trauma of the Depression Years between the two World Wars. While managing a distraught friend, a mysterious stalker, and generations of secrets, Emma’s job is to find the link, but tracing a family tree suddenly becomes a dangerous occupation.
In Lucy (Book 3Emma’s curiosity is piqued by a gutsy young climate change campaigner with an antique trinket box full of women’s rights badges. She tenaciously pursues her passion for revealing secrets as she unravels Paige’s intriguing past putting her loyalty to her family and friends to the test.

Each of the three books can be read as stand-alone, but getting to the know the characters better by reading the series in order will enhance the experience.

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