The Costumier’s Gift

Why does a stranger hold the key to unlocking Katie’s family secrets?

Jane thrives in the one place where she can hide her pain and keep her skeletons to herself. As principal costumier at Auckland’s Opera House in its Edwardian heyday, she is content – until the past comes back to haunt her.

Brigid, her beloved foster mother, and her best friend Gwenna are anchors in her solitary yet rewarding life. Many decades pass before Jane surrenders her role as keeper of the untold. Generations later Katie seeks refuge from her crumbling personal life with her grandmother, who lives in the past with the people in her cherished photographs. Katie discovers she must identify the people behind the gentle smiles and reveal generations of secrets before she can claim her inheritance. Through Jared, an intriguing new client, Katie revives her stalled career until she learns that he holds the key to uncovering her past. Despite an increasing attraction, she shies away from any deeper involvement… but without him she will never know the truth.


The Costumier’s Gift – the dual-timeline exposé continuing the family sagas of

Brigid The Girl from County Clare and Gwenna The Welsh Confectioner

Part of The New Zealand Immigrant Collection

This book is AWESOME! Vicky Adin has a way of writing that gives all her characters a depth not found in many books. They are well rounded, in a way that makes them seem like people you truly know. Even though this is the third book I have read by her, I still had that sense of wonder as the book continued on. I am glad I had read the other two, but to me this book could easily stand alone. (though recommend them all as they are delightful.) Winner of an IndieBRAG AWARD.