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Love Or Hate Newsletters Be In To Win

I’ve taken the plunge and sent my first ever newsletter out! And I’m excited with the results. I’ve already exceeded the industry average by a considerable percentage for people who opened (and therefore, hopefully, read) the newsletter and for the click through rate. Happy dance.

Of course, I made mistakes. Somehow the html for the automated name failed so everyone gets a Hi [FName] – I hope everyone smiled. I gnashed my teeth. I left some anchor text in the wrong place and I forget to ask people to forward it to their friends. But hey, I get a second chance.

So before I send out my second newsletter, what sort of things would you like to know about my books or about me?

I’ve a new release – GWENNA – due out in August. You can sign up to pre-order it and go into the draw to win one of three ebooks.

I’ve received a B.R.A.G. medallion for ‘The Girl from County Clare’ and it appeared in the #Top100 list on Amazon alongside ‘The Disenchanted Soldier’  and ‘The Art of Secrets‘ on one day, so being an author can be terribly rewarding. If you’ve read any of my books, I’d be so grateful if you would tell people – especially on Amazon or Goodreads, or leave me some feedback.

What other things do you enjoy reading about in newsletters?

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