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Are you a once only reader or a re-reader?

I read, a lot – every single day – and I write (most days), so words swirl around inside my head all the time. Because of that I can get easily distracted as words other than those I’m reading pop into my thoughts. It can be a real problem – sometimes I forget or confuse character names, sometimes I even commit the unforgivable sin of forgetting what happened to a character (gasp) so I’m a re-reader.

But while I sometimes miss words, I don’t miss the feeling the book gives me, the memories it leaves behind, and in particular memories of the people. These are the books I re-read, the ones that leave that lasting impression. A good story, well told will keep me going back to it, time and again.

I keep my favourite books, and my bookshelves are full – and my kindle is fast catching up. It means I can go back and check what I missed, and can re-read earlier books in a series to get myself ‘into’ the scene again before starting the next book.

Sometimes, a reminder about an author I used to read, but haven’t read for a long time will crop up. Like this comment from a reader of one of my books – The Girl from County Clare (a B.R.A.G. medallion honoree):

Catherine Cookson

This was a delightful book and reminded me of an author that got me hooked on great stories about everyday people and their struggles to make a better life for themselves.

It is not often that I put a book in the same sentence as Catherine Cookson, but this book so fits that.

Apart from my utter delight at being compared with such a prolific, well-known and respected author as Dame Catherine Cookson, I was reminded about how much I used to enjoy her stories. I am now re-reading some of her titles. 

What about you? What are your favourite books to re-read?


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