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Thank you, Readers – you triumphed.

As we approach the Christmas holidays and whatever the New Year brings, here’s a list of the things I’m grateful for in my life. I don’t pretend to be a poet, and while this might have rhythm and rhyme in places, it isn’t meant to be read as a poem.

I hope you can find a similar list of ABCs to be appreciate and be grateful for.


A – Is for the Air we breathe and Appreciation for what we have. New Zealand is the best.
B – Is for Butterflies and Books that gently touch my inner self, and the Beach where I can rest.
C – Is for Coffee and Chocolate (dark), our Caravan which takes us away, and characters who lead me astray.
D – Is for Daffodils and Daughters, who brighten any day.
E – Is for my Ears, to hear the sounds of laughter and the sadness of tears, and the special voices of all those I hold dear.
F – Is for Family and Friends who make my heart sing with felicity and good cheer.
G – Is for Grandchildren, and Gardens where I can count my blessings.
H – Is for Hugs from my Husband and the Happiness he brings
I – Is for Ice-creams on a warm summer’s day, eaten on a picnic rug

J – Is for January and June when Jumpers keep me snug
K – Is for Kisses and Kindles I can carry with me wherever I go
L – Is for Loving and Laughing and feeling aglow.
M – Is for Music and Moonbeams, and Manuscripts gone to be fixed
N – Is for Nature and Nurture, and nuts, premixed
O – Is for Open minds and Open hearts, and Oceans on which to sail
P – Is for Pretty Pink blossom with Perfume inhaled
Q – Is for Questions that set my mind whirring
R – Is for my Roses, their beautiful shape and aroma so stirring
S – Is for the Sun and Sky, Super Sons and Songs to Sing
T – Is for Today and Tomorrow and the hope they bring, and Tui in the Treetops in full swing
U – Is for Umbrellas in the pouring rain
V – Is for Vintage, our old Austin car that is, and the Vegetables I like to eat.
W – Is for a glass of Wine as an evening treat
X – Is for Xmas, badly spelt, short for sharing and caring and giving heartfelt
Y – Is for our Yesterdays, and the memories they hold
And last but not least, Z is for Zips and Zinnias flowering in the heat, and acting Zany just for kicks.

NZ Christmas Tree, the pohutukawa

2017 has been a year of ups and downs. I’ve been honoured with two IndieBRAG awards (Gwenna, The Girl from County Clare), two Chill with a Book Readers’ Awards (Gwenna, The Girl from County Clare), a Book of the Month (The Cornish Knot – Megan is a number one favourite with readers), a Gold Standard (Gwenna), and received some wonderful 5-star reviews.

I’ve blogged and posted and collected fans along the way. I’ve been invited to speak to groups, libraries and at conferences – the best of which was the Historical Novel Society of Australasia (HNSA) in September, and I’ve met some exciting and interesting people and made new friends. I’ve also lost too many friends too early.

Be safe, be happy, be kind.
However you celebrate the end of 2017 and the start of 2018, my thoughts and best wishes are with you.

Take care – I’ll be back in 2018 with a new book and new stories to tell.

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