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Praise indeed – Portrait of a Man

It’s always lovely to hear from readers, but especially so when they have such nice things to say. I’m delighted to have received such wonderful comments about my latest story.

Muriel said: Wow’.

Took me a few days to come back to domestic routines after finishing “Portrait of a Man”.
Story line – moved along at a pace this 80 year old was comfortable with. Each character was introduced and developed without me having to flick back a few pages thinking “Where did they come from?” or “Why did they act/react that way?”
Descriptive details – were important to me whether in an emotional sense or a ‘setting’ sense; really put me in the scene, hence the few days coming back to day-to-day reality.
Reference to N.Z’s history of celebrations and tragedies – kept me reminded of events I had heard about but not experienced, so was very stimulating.
Part 3 – was so up-to-date, I couldn’t help wondering how you got it written/checked/published/distributed while events are still happening?  
Excellent; and thank you very much.

Pam said: ‘Well worth it’ Christmas gift.

Vicky Adin’s newest novel, Portrait of a Man. Wow! I think I’ve read all of Vicky’s and this is full of tangled families and ‘where did he/she come from and why?’ Thoroughly recommend this book; set in Dunedin/Invercargill in our own backyard so to speak. What a writer!

Thank you. I am humbled and grateful.

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