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Travelling the world in books


If you asked people who know me well what I enjoy the most, they would tell you books and writing, travel and history, antiques and genealogy, and not necessarily in that order.

I can’t imagine a day when I do not read and I mean a book, not simply a newspaper article or online post, or write something; and again, I mean write words as part of a book, not just articles, although I do both.


I read to travel, to be lost in another world and taken to a different place or a different time and travel with the characters as they live their lives, full of adventure or hardship and heartbreak and hope everything turns out to be my liking at the end.

Today’s post is about books and, in particular, those I’ve read recently that I think need mentioning.

One of my new favourite authors is Kathleen McGurl who writes dual-timeline historical fiction stories.
I read ‘The Girl from Ballymor‘ first as I’d enjoyed writing my own Irish story in Brigid The Girl from County Clare. But then I had to follow it up a couple of her earlier books and then I read ‘The Drowned Village‘ this year and have pre-ordered her forthcoming novel ‘The Forgotten Secret.’

Another, but completely different author is Phillipa Nefri Clark who has written a 4-book series set in a small Australian town on the coast. The series is a contemporary romance with historical aspects thrown in as there’s always old houses with old secrets to be discovered. The cover on the first book in the series – ‘The Stationmaster’s Cottage’ – first attracted me to take a closer look, and from then on I was hooked. I’ve really enjoyed following the people, and the dog, of River’s End and sharing their lives.

An author who I discovered lives locally to me, got me interested in her books through her photographs. Kathy Servian takes amazing photographs and then I found her historical fiction books set in New Zealand and just had to read them. Check out The Moral Compass, which ends on a bit of cliff-hanger and is followed up with A Pivotal Right.

Check in next time for more authors, or share your favourites with me in the comments section below.

Only by sharing our reading enjoyment can we let others know about new books and new (to you) authors. Please don’t be shy – share.

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