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Talking, walking, observing and smiling…

July has been an amazing month with several book talks, a radio interview and an addition to our orchid family.

I was delighted when the local MoreFM station made contact and invited me to chat with Brent about walking along the beach, getting inspiration and my writing style. I had a lovely session before heading off to a library talk.

Earlier in the month, after a successful talk, a lady approached me when we were out to dinner one evening to say how much she’d enjoyed the talk and chatted more about my stories. Another approached me in the street to find out more about where to get my books. I do enjoy chatting to readers about my writing life. If your group would like to hear about an aspect of my writing – the process, the inspiration, the history, the genealogy – then please get in touch.

Then on Saturday, sitting in my office writing a chapter in the next book in The Art of Secrets series, I hear a tapping on the french door. Dragging my eyes away from the screen, wondering what he wants with me, I discover my dearest has returned home from ‘doing things with the car’ with a special gift. Isn’t she beautiful? And he’s named her Elinor in honour of my latest book.

I do love my life.

Meet Elinor, the deep red orchid named after the book of the same name.

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