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Now or then? 1893 or 2023?

Are you ready? Lucy, the determined suffragist, is on her way. She’ll be here soon, but it’s a long way from 1893. But first, do you know Emma? Let me introduce you.

Emma lives in New Zealand. She loves her job as a genealogist who researches other people’s family histories. Her willingness to help others discover the mysteries of their past sometimes puts her in harm’s way. Yet curiosity spurs her to solve the riddles of her clients’ family trees – even the ones where she is threatened and everything she cares about is put in jeopardy.

She’s not always had an easy life, and to understand her dedication to the past, we have to get to know her better over the course of the three sagas.

In The Art of Secrets (Book 1) Emma is a journalist whose career is on the line. But she’s broken-hearted. Life changes when she meets her adversary Charlotte Day, and the young woman finally comes to terms with the painful truth. While Emma wants to forget; Charlotte never can. Together they remember.

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Some years later, in her role as family historian and biographer of other people’s family histories, a friend asks Emma to find her ancestor, Elinor (Book 2) who lived through the trauma and difficulties of the Depression Years between the two World Wars. While managing a distraught friend, a mysterious stalker, and generations of secrets, Emma’s job is to find the link, but tracing a family tree suddenly becomes a dangerous occupation.

In Lucy (Book 3) – available on pre-order, due for release 14 May – Emma’s curiosity is piqued by a gutsy young climate change campaigner with an antique trinket box full of women’s rights badges. She tenaciously pursues her passion for revealing secrets as she unravels Paige’s intriguing past, and a ‘line of troublemakers’. Pushing aside her family’s concerns and ignoring her health, her loyalty to her family and friends is put to the test.

You can Pre-order Lucy now ready for release on Mother’s Day 14 May

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