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Portrait of a Man – coming soon

I’m excited to announce that my current novel Portrait of a Man is now available for pre-order and due for release in late October. This soul-searching and warm-hearted conclusion to The Cornish Knot continues the unfinished stories of the original characters and introduces new characters.

Will the secrets of the past destroy an artist’s legacy?

Pre-order your copy of Portrait of a Man here

Matteo Borgoni is a desperate man. He must succeed if he is to free his beloved wife, held captive by her father in Melbourne. His picture framing skills establish him with the artists of Dunedin in 1863, but he has many doubts, and many more obstacles to overcome.

Fifty years on, Luciano, a rakish Italian portrait artist on the run from his past, turns up at the Invercargill branch of Borgoni Picture Framers seeking refuge. As the ravages of World War One escalate, fear is constant, but compassion brings unexpected consequences. A terrifying pandemic is the last thing they need.

Over a century later, a man recognises a portrait in an Auckland gallery, and demands it back. Amid another global pandemic, a marriage on the brink of failure, and a life and death decision, the portrait exposes generations of family secrets and deceptions with life-changing results.

The story covers an expanse of over a hundred and fifty years in three time periods. Part One is set in Dunedin from 1863-1893, Part Two between 1913-1918 in Invercargill, and Part Three is set in the first six months of 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand.

What will the descendants of the mysterious artist discover as they untangle a century of deception? 

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