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Portrait of a Man – Interview with Literary World

I’m was delighted to be a guest on Kathryn Gauci’s Literary World

…”I am thrilled to have as my guest to A Literary World, the delightful Vicky Adin, an award winning historical fiction author, who describes herself as “a genealogist in love with history and words”. Vicky is someone I have known for a while now, but the first time we met in person was at the Historical Novel Society Conference 2017 in Melbourne when we sat next to each other during the dinner. She is also the first author I have interviewed on my blog from the beautiful country of New Zealand, and we share much more than writing in common. I also lived in Auckland for almost two years before coming to Australia and unbeknown to us both, we actually lived near each other, so I am familiar with the area Vicky writes about in her books. We also share a love of historical costume which Vicky weaves into her writing.”

Pre-orders available for Portrait of a Man

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