The Girl from County Clare

- - OUT NOW - - Like making lace – she pieced together a new life from a single thread of hope. For all her timidity and meek acceptance of her place in the pecking order of life, she had grit – and freedom – but she was young enough and naive enough to be putty in his hands– or was she? From The PastFinders Historical series

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The Art of Secrets

From The PastFinders Contemporary series --- set in New Zealand Reclusive author Charlotte Day has much to hide and does not want anyone digging into her past. With secrets of her own, journalist Emma Wade worms her way into Charlotte’s life looking for a journalistic coup.

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The Cornish Knot

From The PastFinders Contemporary series, set in New Zealand, Cornwall and Italy. Megan’s world is destroyed when her husband of over thirty years dies unexpectedly. On the anniversary of his death, Megan receives a mysterious package from Cornwall. The parcel contains a journal written a century earlier, and with it comes a strange request.

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The Disenchanted Soldier

From The PastFinders Historical Series -- The Disenchanted Soldier is a story of New Zealand as it happened, about the birth of a nation politically and socially and a personal journey through tragedy and disaster.

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A New Zealand adventure story for children 6-9 years set in Hawkes Bay. Now available as an e-book from Amazon

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Vicky Adin - Author

I write historical fiction based on true stories about immigrants to New Zealand. Look for The PastFinders logo. You can also find me on Facebook

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The Girl from County Clare GCC-COVER-100dpi-Sm1

Like making lace – she pieced together a new life from a single thread of hope

Brigid, the talented eighteen-year-old lacemaker, flees starvation and poverty in 19th century Ireland to seek a better life in Australia. As captivating as she is skilful, she must conquer her innate fears if she is to fulfill her dream.

Life doesn’t always run smoothly in this harsh new landscape and Brigid must learn to overcome bias, bigotry and tradition. She looks to one man for inspiration and protection. Once her champion, he becomes her adversary.

She gathers those who matter most to her and sets up home in New Zealand. Gradually, her dreams become reality and tranquillity prevails – until the day the man who seeks her downfall finds her.

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The Art of Secrets

TAOS COVER kindle 20Nov15

Emma wants to forget, Charlotte never can 

Emma is an enterprising young journalist with a bright future, but her life and career are falling apart. In a last ditch attempt to save her career, she accepts the assignment to interview the ageing and reclusive, best-selling author Charlotte Day.

Charlotte has a reputation for being cantankerous and is highly secretive about her past: a past she considers too painful to relive and too shameful to share. Preferring her roses to people, she is persuaded into meeting this girl who gets through her defences forcing her to face the past. As Charlotte and Emma’s relationship deepens, they find themselves enmeshed in a tangle of secrets that changes both their lives.

But he who dares not grasp the thorns should never crave the rose – Anne Brontë

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The Cornish Knot

##The cornish_knot-COVER_for-web

She sought solace; she found confusion

On the anniversary of her husband’s unexpected death, Megan is still heartbroken and disconsolate. She receives a mysterious package containing a journal written a century earlier. It jolts her out of her self-imposed seclusion and gives her new strength. She needs that strength. The world awaiting her is full of contradictions. As she embarks on her journey, following in the footsteps of the journal’s author, she learns about the world of artists and paintings, discovers new family, forges new friendships and exposes secrets that change her life. Will she also find love again?

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TDS COVER 300 Thumb 18 NovThe Disenchanted Soldier

In 1863, young Daniel Adin, a trained soldier, embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. In pursuit of a new life and land to farm, he travels to New Zealand to fight an unknown enemy – the fearless Maori. A hundred and thirty years later, Libby is fascinated by the stories of Daniel who looks down at her from the aged black and white photos on the wall. She wants to know more: to know what he was really like. Daniel’s story is more than she had bargained for.

Courage is like love; it must have hope to nourish it —Napoleon Bonaparte

Based on a true story of New Zealand militiaman, pioneer, patriarch, pacifist.

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Kazam-COVER-72dpi-opt-for-web-15-W Kazam!

My children’s adventure story Kazam!  Find out more about this story of a New Zealand adventure for New Zealand children. It is based on a true event! Well, most of it is…. Print copies of Kazam! are available exclusively from me.

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Challenge Six of the 9-week book challenge.

Week 6 – goodness, time is flying by and now there are only twenty-five days left until Christmas. How is your reading pile going? I’d love to know what you have chosen. I know it’s hard at this time of the year to meet all the demands, but the holidays – and time to relax – are getting closer. Challenge Six is …

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Challenge Five in the 9-week book challenge

So, here we are at Week 5 – which means there are only four weeks left until Christmas. Will you have your reading piles ready? I’d love to know what you have chosen for yourself, but especially what you’ve chosen for the youngsters. I’ve not included any children’s books or Young Adult novels in my lists. Who can recommend some …

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Challenge Four of the 9-week book challenge

We’re about half way through building the stack of books to read over those long hot, sunny, summer days ahead. Challenge Four is to choose a book written by a New Zealand author based on a true story. My choice is Jenny Harrison’s The Lives of Alice Pothron. In July 1933, Alice and Emile Pothron leave New York for a …

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Challenge Three of the 9-week book challenge

The weeks keep disappearing, so I hope you have started making a list of all the things you have to achieve before the end of the year and, in particular, what you (and your family members) are going to read over those long hot, sunny, summer days ahead. Just to refresh your memory in the countdown to Christmas, I’ve suggested …

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9-week book challenge: Challenge Two

Only eight weeks to go…  Continuing the countdown, your second challenge towards building your summer holiday reading pile is to select a book from a genre that is totally different to what you usually read. I love to read historical fiction, contemporary women’s novels and family sagas and find it hard to drag myself away from what is familiar and comfortable. …

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9-week book challenge: Challenge One

Did you realise it is only 9 weeks to Christmas, and, therefore, the Summer Holidays: Pohutukawa, Blue Skies and Sunshine, and Long Hot Days? I want to issue a Challenge to help you prepare since you (your children and spouses and everyone else in the family) will need a reading pile ready and waiting. Here’s your first Challenge – Which …

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This Week is NZ Book Week

Come along to Paper Power, Browns Bay and say hello on NZ Bookshop Day Saturday 31 October. A team of local authors will be having a sit-in, read along and question and answer time. I will be in store between 10am and 11.30am and my fellow authors from Mairangi Writers will be there for the rest of the day until 4pm. …

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The joys of marketing – how to combat apathy for NZ Book Week

I’m feeling vexed. Mostly because I am trying to juggle too many balls at once and something has to go, but primarily because I’m disappointed. No, more than that, I am discouraged, dismayed and disillusioned.  Next week (26 October to 1 November) is NZ Book Week supported by the NZ Society of Authors and Saturday 31 October is NZ Bookshop Day …

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My ABCs of Life

After being a hermit for the last weeks and months finishing my book, I’ve raised my head up and found there is much to be grateful for, so here is my ABCs of what I have to be thankful for in my life. If I had more time, I’d maybe try to make this work as a poem with rhythm …

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The Girl from County Clare – Out Soon

COMING SOON The Girl from County Clare Like making lace – she pieced together a new life from a single thread of hope For all her timidity and meek acceptance of her place in the pecking order of life, she had grit – and freedom – but she was young enough and naive enough to be putty in his hands …

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