The Art of Secrets

From The PastFinders series --- set in New Zealand Reclusive author Charlotte Day has much to hide and does not want anyone digging into her past. With secrets of her own, journalist Emma Wade worms her way into Charlotte’s life looking for a journalistic coup.

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The Cornish Knot

First in the PastFinders Series, set in New Zealand, Cornwall and Italy. Megan’s world is destroyed when her husband of over thirty years dies unexpectedly. On the anniversary of his death, Megan receives a mysterious package from Cornwall. The parcel contains a journal written a century earlier, and with it comes a strange request.

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DANIEL - A tale of courage and determination

New Zealand soldier, pioneer, patriarch, pacifist. Daniel is about New Zealand history as it happens, about the birth of a nation politically and socially and a personal journey through tragedy and disaster.

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A New Zealand adventure story for children 6-9 years set in Hawkes Bay. Now available as an e-book from Amazon

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Vicky Adin - Author

I write family history novels and historical fiction based on true stories, and biographical narratives about immigrants to New Zealand. Look for The PastFinders logo. You can also find me on Facebook

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Buy NowThe PastFinder books weave family and history together with love, laughter, loss and tears. Your heart will weep. I am happy to talk to your club, group or organisation. If you would like to hear a talk on writing and research, please email

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The Art of Secrets

Lives bound by tragedy and lies Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.43.14 AMThe PastFinders Books social history narratives about family, love and renewal. Emma Wade’s life has fallen apart and her career is rapidly going downhill. In a last-ditch effort to keep her job, she reluctantly agrees to write an exposé on the aged and reclusive author Charlotte Day. Charlotte, who has lost the passion to write, is suspicious and distrustful of people and doesn’t want anyone digging into a past she considers shameful. However, she recognises her need to leave a legacy of some kind, and hesitantly accepts the project. Wrestling with her own secrets, Emma worms her way into Charlotte’s past. But some memories are too precious or too painful to share – especially the causes of her descent into melancholy. As they struggle forward, the two women are surprised to find much to like about each other. Their unusual relationship deepens; will they learn to trust again… Or will reliving the past be too much for either of them to handle? A compassionate look at the impact of depression. Quote from text: “Because sometimes the best things come from the worst. You have to look in the darkest places to find the brightest light.” Buy Now ##The cornish_knot-COVER_for-web

The Cornish Knot

Art, mystery and wealth: two centuries, two lives.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.43.14 AMThe PastFinders Books, social history narratives about family, love and renewal. Megan’s world is destroyed when her husband dies suddenly. Still grieving, she receives a mysterious package from Cornwall that jolts her out of her cloistered world. It contains a century-old journal. From her home in New Zealand she embarks on a journey of personal renewal to find her past, exposing secrets that change her life. Along the way she finds Italian artists plays a large part in her discovery. Can she also find love again? Buy Now


The Disillusioned soldier, New Zealand pioneer, patriarch, pacifist. Daniel is a powerful and moving biographical narrative of a New Zealand pioneer. Based on a true account, the story follows a young Daniel from Liverpool and Derbyshire, by ship to New Zealand, to fight in the Waikato wars and live out his life in Foxton. Buy Now and receive a personally inscribed copy.

Kazam-COVER-72dpi-opt-for-web-15-W Kazam!

My children’s adventure story Kazam!  Find out more about this story of a New Zealand adventure for New Zealand children. It is based on a true event! Well, most of it is…. Print copies of Kazam! are available exclusively from me.


Do you care about historical credibility?

I was at dinner the other night, and the only one not working in the same field as the other nine at the table. The reason for the dinner was because one of them was retiring. He was looking forward to writing some children’s stories, and knowing I was a writer, was keen to know what I did on an …

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Six Degrees of Happiness

 It’s winter. What more can I say? It’s cold outside, and wet, and windy: sometimes all three on the same day. Yesterday was the shortest day in New Zealand, and time to prune my roses. While the days will get marginally longer, summer still feels a long, long way away. I’m a summer person. I love the sunshine and its …

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You too, can do it

It is ten years since I started to put pen to paper, so to speak, with the intention of writing a book. I was at university completing my Masters degree when a tutor suggested I publish the mini-dissertation I’d written on culture. Until that moment, I’d never really thought about the possibility of becoming a writer. I knew I had …

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Are keyboards making the pen obsolete? 

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve talked about ‘unused’ words. I described them as new words – but, of course, they aren’t new. What I meant was, they were new to me. Then we got onto the subject of spelling all these unusual words. All of which got me thinking. If text-spelling has become a ‘norm’ with the younger …

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New, unused, different: mastering the art of language

Following up on my blog last week about some frabjous new words I’d discovered, Grammarly has come up with a list of words from spelling bees. Try these for size! Tchotchke – noun (\ˈchäch-kə, ˈtsäts-\) A knickknack; trinket, or Triskaidekaphobia, noun (\ˌtris-ˌkī-ˌde-kə-ˈfō-bē-ə\) Fear of the number thirteen. I’m glad it wasn’t me trying to spell those – and I thought I …

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Dictionaries of the world unite: Do readers love new words?

I’ve been having fun over the last couple of weeks finding fabulous new words thanks to Some – possibly – are reasonably well know to readers, like maudlin, cacophonous, and rhapsodic. Even piffle and moppet are likely to be known, especially among older readers. But what about words like bafflegab (gobbledegook), diurnal (daily) and veridical (truthful)? What would you think …

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Do you rate New Zealand writing?

With the recent announcement that NZ Book Month has been postponed indefinitely after being cancelled for the second year in a row, I began thinking about what that meant for New Zealand authors. The announcement came at a time when the Dunedin Readers and Writers Festival has just finished and the Auckland Writers Festival has just started. There are other …

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The Art of Secrets available for .99c

For a limited time The Art of Secrets e-book is available for .99c from Amazon. Lives bound together by tragedy and lies. We often read about the impact of stress in our lives and its link to depression. Whether the stress is caused by something tangible like a tragedy, an illness or simply by work/life balance, or whether by something intangible like …

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How to Live a Life Well Lived

An uncle, who died recently, was a classic example of a man who lived a life well lived. He made no excuses for enjoying every moment of his long life. He was a bachelor and a hoarder from a family of hoarders, who liked horse racing, travelling, jazz music, and people. He laughed a lot. He had a phenomenal memory …

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Throw Away Your TV set

I love this quote by Roald Dahl. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone read books instead of watching television? Given the controversy over the axing of the Campbell Live, I think we should start a campaign to buy more books and boycott the programmes the planners at MediaWorks think we should watch instead. In my view, replacing the only truly …

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