The Art of Secrets

JUST RELEASED: From The PastFinders series --- Reclusive author Charlotte Day has much to hide and does not want anyone digging into her past. With secrets of her own, journalist Emma Wade worms her way into Charlotte’s life looking for a journalistic coup.

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The Cornish Knot

First in the PastFinders Series, set in New Zealand, Cornwall and Italy. Megan’s world is destroyed when her husband of over thirty years dies unexpectedly. On the anniversary of his death, Megan receives a mysterious package from Cornwall. The parcel contains a journal written a century earlier, and with it comes a strange request.

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DANIEL - A tale of courage and determination

The story of New Zealand pioneer and soldier. Daniel is about New Zealand history as it happens, about the birth of a nation politically and socially and a personal journey through tragedy and disaster.

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A New Zealand adventure story for children 6-9 years set in Hawkes Bay. Now available as an e-book from Amazon

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ANNOUNCING the release of the next novel in The PastFinders series
Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.43.14 AMThe PastFinders Books

The Art of Secrets

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E-book available from Amazon.
Reclusive author Charlotte Day has much to hide and does not want anyone digging into her past. With secrets of her own, journalist Emma Wade worms her way into Charlotte’s life looking for a journalistic coup: she finds a story that changes the lives of both women.
A compassionate look at love, loss and renewal

Quote from text:
“Because sometimes the best things come from the worst. You have to look in the darkest places to find the brightest light.”

The Cornish Knot, the first of The PastFinders books is available as an e-book from Amazon and Smashwords


Art, mystery and wealth: two centuries, two lives.

41cMaPOoWCL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-70,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Megan’s world is destroyed when her husband dies suddenly. Still grieving, she receives a mysterious package from Cornwall that jolts her out of her cloistered world. It contains a century-old journal. From her home in New Zealand she embarks on a journey of personal renewal to find her past, exposing secrets that change her life. Along the way she finds Italian artists plays a large part in her discovery. Can she also find love again?

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.43.14 AMThe PastFinders Books, social history narratives about family, love and renewal.
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   Daniel is a powerful and moving biographical narrative of a New Zealand pioneer. Based on a true account, the story follows a young Daniel from Liverpool and Derbyshire, by ship to New Zealand, to fight in the Waikato wars and live out his life in Foxton.

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DANIEL is available as an e-book from Amazon  and  Smashwords

Kazam-COVER-72dpi-opt-for-web-15-WMy children’s adventure story ‘Kazam!’ has been released as an e-book on Amazon and Smashwords  - print copies of Kazam! are available exclusively from me.

Have you clicked on Kazam! ?  Find out more about this story of a New Zealand adventure for New Zealand children. It is based on a true event! Well, most of it is….


Never judge a book by its cover – but do you?

It has oft been quoted that we should never judge a book by its cover, but I ran an experiment at a local writers’ group this week asking them to guess the genre, era and location of the book from the front cover only. And guess what? A book was well and truly judged by its cover. ‘Insipid’, ‘dull’, ‘boring’, …

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The truth behind the novels you read

We all have secrets. Most we share with the person closest to us, some we don’t share at all, but more often than not we keep our secrets to ourselves – so we won’t feel ashamed or be judged. Most people we meet rarely know what we have experienced in life or how we came to be the people we …

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Using PR agents or promoting yourself

Here’s a great blog that needed sharing from Linda Gillard through The Alliance of Independent Authors in the UK. It goes something like this – look after your readers, one at a time, and your readers will look after you. Make your book interesting, make yourself unforgettable and connect with people and you won’t need professional PR assistance that achieves …

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New Release: The Art of Secrets

I am excited by the release of my latest novel – The Art of Secrets about two lives bound by tragedy and lies –  in time for the Auckland Independent Book Festival being held at St Paul’s Church in Devonport on 16 August. Reclusive, best-selling author, Charlotte Day, no longer has the passion to write. Wanting to boost her profile, her …

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How to make the best connections

In my youth, too many decades ago to admit to, people made friends and connections in person. Instead of clicking Like on Facebook, we got people to sign our autograph books, and, like today, the more autographs we had, the better we felt. One of the more common ‘poems’ to appear as an autograph went as follows: Cant think, brains …

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Kindle Unlimited – good or bad?

Last Friday Amazon launched it’s Kindle Unlimited reader programme. It’s complex to get your head around and while readers seem taken with the idea, authors – and especially self-published authors – are far more hesitant. If you want to know more about how it works, and whether you should get involved, read some of the blogs. Here’s a link to …

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Writers will save the world – if only people will read their books

I read this post in the Elite Daily: The voice of Generation-Y –  Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With. Since I belong to the dying breed, according to the article, because I read, I leave voicemail messages and I write cards, then I’m hoping that what I write might have some impact along the …

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A few of my favourite things

If, like me, you are old enough to remember the song from ‘The Sound of Music,’ then you will know the overriding tenor of the song was optimism and gratitude. Right now the sun is streaming in through my windows and the garden looks fresh so I’m in a happy space. In Auckland, we’ve been blessed with a wonderful autumn …

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Daniel’s Historic Foxton

A reader recently commented she was sufficiently intrigued by the story of Daniel to consider stopping in Foxton next time instead of zooming past on the main highway, and have a look at the small town and maybe even say ‘hi’ to Daniel. I am as excited by her desire to find out more about Foxton as I was to receive …

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Beware of self-publishing scams

I read this blog by David Gaughran - The Case Against Author Solutions, Part 1: The Numbers - with growing horror. David’s blog is the first part of a two part investigation into the spamming activities of Author Solutions and it’s an eye-opener – and almost unbelievable. Read on through the comments too. It has been reblogged to all sorts of places …

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Daniel: Pioneer, decorated soldier, husband, father, working man, objector and pacifist.   Places: Stanfree, Bolsover, Derbyshire, Liverpool, Auckland, Waiuku, Orakau, Rangiaowhia, Waikato, Urewera Bay of Plenty, Foxton Manawatu, Somes Island, Wellington, Halcombe. History: Flax industry, river boat industry, militia, armed constabulary, floods, Foxton fires, quarantine, development of the railways, Pink & White Terraces, Minnie Dean, sheep stealing, horse racing, Labour Day, Votes for Women, WW1 pacifism, deportation, The Fourteen, conscientious objectors, HMS 'Waitemata' 1917. Historical figures: Captain George Taylor, General Cameron, Henry Holland, William Massey, John Ballance, Richard John Seddon, Captain Francis Robinson, Te Kooti, Charles Pownall, John Proctor, Archibald Baxter, Mark Briggs, Garth Ballantyne, Fred Adin.