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The thrill of the rewards you reap

Part of the fun of being an author is the feedback we receive. While they are welcomed with open arms, I don’t only mean the star ratings that appear on Amazon or the reviews that go them or even those on Goodreads, but the spontaneous and enthusiastic ones that arrive in the inbox. Not only are they a thrill, they are also a spur to keep writing.

My readers are mostly women ­(and the men they share my books with who enjoy the history). They are often older with more leisure time available, who enjoy learning and are well-travelled, and like to delve into their family’s past. Or those who are from large families and understand the intricacies and bond between siblings through the generations.

I liken it to the days when we take our vintage car out. Every time we stop, people approach us to share their memories of when they (or their father) once owned a similar model. We hear some interesting stories. One time, a small grey haired women was looking at the back seat, she turned to us with a wide smile and cheekily said, “You can, you know. I remember it well.” She left us chuckling.


So when a reader makes the effort to write to me, recalling a memory that one of my stories has sparked, I am especially delighted. It means I captured the essence of family life, or the sentiment surrounding a historic event that they or an ancestor was involved in.

I couldn’t ask for more.

So now it’s your turn to reap the rewards.

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